1700 global wines,

The largest wine shop and cellar in France

Did you know? The Médoc is home to one of France's finest wine cellars! The 1,000m² shop at La Winery offers a selection of 1,700 French and foreign wines. It is a true cathedral of bottles, kept in an air-conditioned atmosphere, representing the best of the world's winegrowing areas and with prices ranging from €5 to more than €1000.

Thanks to the special relationship we enjoy with our many partners, La Winery can offer some true oenological gems from France or further afield: wines made by young committed growers, tipples from unknown terroirs, old vintages, bottles you will not find on the traditional market, and much more.

A genuine talent spotter, La Winery shares its favourites with you through its fabulous selection (also available from the online store www.e-winery.fr) and also regularly puts wine estates and their owners in the spotlight at its tasting events (Wine Fair, winemaker evenings etc.).

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