The Wine Sign ®

A unique concept!

La Winery is revolutionising the wine world and putting the emphasis on the wine taster! For the first time, visitors are invited to discover their own tastes and the corresponding wines that suit them at an exclusive event: the Wine Sign ®.

The result of a longstanding collaboration between La Winery founder Philippe Raoux and Frédéric Brochet, an oenologist and sensory analysis expert, this unique tasting session brings your senses to bear in order to determine your profile as a wine lover and help you make the right choice when you buy wine.

The Wine Sign ® is a perfect initiation into tasting, but also an entertaining gourmet adventure which has won over more than 30,000 participants since it was launched.

Discover the wines which suit you

Discover your own personal wine tastes with the Wine Sign ®, a discovery session given by a tasting professional. It is a permanent feature at La Winery.

In a session lasting around an hour and including the tasting of six very different wines, you are invited to express the way you feel about them using an electronic panel. This information is then analysed by a special computer program which determines your wine ‘profile’. Whether you turn out to be ‘gourmet’, ‘aesthetic’ or ‘explorer’, you will leave the session with a personalised cellar book adapted to your tastes and budget.

This cellar book with accompanying pictograms allows visitors to discover the wines for their ‘sign’ in our own wine shop. It also provides wine lovers with the opportunity to make purchases without being disappointed, and allows them to taste wines from all over the world in total confidence that they will be enjoyed!

The Wine Sign ® is held from Wednesday to Saturday at 11am, booking required (in the shop or by telephone on +33 (0)556 390 490).

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